Our Honest Review of Naked Greens, a Greens Powder That’s Actually Affordable

Cheaper alternative to AG1 or not worth your time? We tested it to find out.

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In an ideal world, every person gets all the nutrients they need through whole food products. Sadly, that’s not always possible, which is when—and why—supplements like greens powders have become so popular lately (1).

The conversation around greens powders usually turns to or starts with AG1, but AG1 is a luxury product that often can’t fit into a tight budget. Naked Greens is often named as a more affordable version of AG1, but does it provide the same alleged benefits?

Here’s what we found while researching and trying the low-cost Naked Greens powder blend. 

Naked Greens Green Superfood Powder

  • Affordable
  • May improve gut health
  • Mixes well with other powders and drinks
  • Questionable marketing on ingredients
  • Lack of clarity on ingredient amounts
  • Mixed thoughts on taste

What Is Naked Greens Powder?

Naked Greens is a greens powder containing just 10 ingredients. You’ll get 35 servings, or 245 grams (g) of organic vegetables, grasses, prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens in one container. The greens powder blend is free of artificial sweeteners or additives and is vegan, gluten-, GMO-, and soy-free. 

Despite the company’s promotion of healthy ingredients, it doesn’t share many details about how much each ingredient is contained in each serving. 

Naked Greens ingredients

Here’s what we do know about the ingredients in Naked Greens.

Each serving (1 scoop or 7g) of Naked Greens contains:

naked greens supplement nutrition label

What’s Good About Naked Greens?

Affordable price

For those who don’t want to spend much money on supplements, Naked Greens can be an affordable option offering quality ingredients and supposed health benefits.

A one-time purchase of Naked Greens is $32, or about $0.91 a serving. If you try the greens powder and want regular delivery, a monthly subscription costs $26 or $0.73 a serving. 

And so you have a comparison: a single subscription of AG1 costs $79, or $2.49 a serving.

May improve gut health 

Naked Greens may be a good option if you have digestive problems or want to improve your gut health. The powder blend contains prebiotics and probiotics to help you maintain a healthy gut. 

Mixes well with other powders and drinks

Sometimes, drinking greens powder only mixed with water is not too appealing. If you aren’t a fan of earthy-tasting supplements, Naked Greens’ flavor easily mixes with other powders and drinks for a more flavorful experience. Many reviews mention that Naked Greens blends well in smoothies, protein shakes, juices, and milk.


What’s Not Good About Naked Greens?

Questionable marketing on ingredients

Many companies, like AG1 and Naked Greens, throw around “superfood” quite frequently, but it’s really just a marketing term that doesn’t really mean anything. In actuality, any food can be a superfood if it’s rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins—so these superfoods aren’t too special (6).

Also, there is no scientific evidence proving that superfoods are legitimate, nor is there a nutritional category or regulated definition for these foods, so keep that in mind (7).

Lack of clarity on nutrients

Naked Greens contains many healthy ingredients, but the nutrition label does not provide specific information on superfood ingredients. There are no measurements regarding the amount of vegetables, herbs, probiotics, prebiotics, and adaptogens per serving. 

If you want to know the exact amount of superfood nutrients you’re consuming, you may want to pass on Naked Greens.

Mixed thoughts on taste

Many reviews find Naked Greens to have an unpleasant taste. Like other green superfood powders, it has an earthy taste. While some can bypass the grassy taste by mixing it with different powders and beverages, this won’t completely camouflage it.

So, if you’re not a fan of grassy-tasting drinks, you might want to pass on Naked Greens. 


The Competition

Primal Greens

Naked Greens is significantly cheaper than Primal Greens and shares the same issue of an unclear ingredient load.

Garden of Life Greens

Naked Greens is very similar to Garden of Life greens. Compare the nutrition labels and you’ll be hard-pressed to identify the differences. Try each and choose the one you find easier to drink. 

Live It Up Greens (Enso Superfoods) 

Live It Up is pricier and marketed to a different customer than Naked Greens, which is to say it’s got more exotic ingredients in it. 


The best-known greens powder in the world today is significantly more expensive than most of its competitors, including Naked Greens. But, like all other greens powders, falls into the trap of not sharing how much of the good stuff is in each serving. Sensing a trend? 

Amazing Grass Supergreens

Amazing Grass is similarly priced to Naked Greens (and the other budget favorite, Garden of Life) and generally caters to customers looking for a reasonably priced product without too much fuss. 

The Bottom Line

Naked Greens is a cheaper alternative to the popular AG1 that offers several healthy ingredients. However, if you want to know the specifics of each nutrient you’re consuming, this powder blend is probably not the best choice.