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Protein Fix

Do you even lift, bro? If you’re not getting your recommended dietary allowance of protein, then it might not look like it. Stock up on your muscle-building favorites—from Quest to Orgain and yes, even Gatorade. 

Get Outside

From fire pits to combat boots, here’s your curated selection of the best outdoor gear to make the most of summer.

The Best of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day has come and gone, but you can still score great deals on this gear.

The Best Lightweight Kayaks You Can Buy for Summer 2022

Kayaking is a sleeper exercise that’s both relaxing and strenuous (in a good way). But pulling a 10- or 12-foot hunk of thick plastic from the roof, over your head, and safely onto the ground isn’t the exercise you signed up for. That’s where these four lightweight kayaks come in. All clocking in under 50lbs, this subset of kayaks leaves us with just one question: If you can’t curl your kayak, what’s the point?

backyard Boss

Smoked meats, loud tunes, and frosty drinks. Summer’s here. Is your backyard ready? 

Fuel Up

Yes, protein bars can actually taste good. No, you don’t have to give up your pizza roll habit. Power up your workouts with our favorites from the snack (and drink) aisle.

Shop Leg Day Shoes

Eff YEah, Yeti!

Because “cold” means nearly frozen. Yeti gets it. These are the Yetis you should get. 

Stretch Heroes



Does your lower back always hurt? Your psoas might be tight. For that, there’s the Pso-Rite, a U-shaped mobility tool designed to release muscle tissue and ease pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

We tested it and were only left with one question, “How could something so odd be…Pso-Rite?” Shop below, or read the full review here.

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TESTED and Reviewed

The Edge editors test a lot of gear. Not all of it’s great, so only our favorites make the cut for a recommendation. Below, shop what we’ve been recently loving.

Fresh Threads and Treads

Shorts for leg day, Nikes that look good and perform better, and a sweat-wicking hoodie that you’ll wear outside the gym.