Vitamin B12 vial from Hone
Vitamin B12 vial from Hone

B12 Injections

Support central nervous system function and help improve mood by reducing stress.

$60/MO + $25 Membership Subscription
  • B12 injections may boost energy and mood, reduce fatigue, and may help with mental health, pain, insomnia and more.
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  • FDA-approved medication
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Success Stories

"I feel like my immune system is better. I haven’t been sick all year."

Richard On Fitness

"B12 is working well for my energy levels."

Kevin On Energy

"I feel like my immune system is better. I haven’t been sick all year."

Richard On Fitness

"B12 is working well for my energy levels."

Kevin On Energy

What We Offer

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Treatment Options Available

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Treatment In 3 Easy Steps

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1. Order an At-Home Hormone Assessment

The simple finger-prick test measures 8 biomarkers.

2. Telehealth Call

Schedule a 30-minute virtual visit (included in the price of your test) with a licensed physician to discuss treatment options.

3. Get Your Medication

Your monthly treatment is shipped directly to your door. We’re here 24/7 to support you with any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vitamin B12 Click to display answer

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important essential vitamins for health and is an important coenzyme that is required by every cell in your body. Since it’s not made in the body, it has to come from an external source via diet and/or supplementation.

In the United States, 3-6% of the population are vitamin B12 deficient and 15-20% have marginally depleted levels (source).

What do vitamin B12 injections do for you? Click to display answer

Vitamin B12 is needed for red blood cell formation and DNA production, and supplementation may help with anemia, fatigue, low energy, immunity, detoxification, nerve problems, pain, mental health, insomnia, chronic illnesses, and more.

How do vitamin B12 injections work? Click to display answer

Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in numerous cellular processes, most notably in the formation of new blood cells and the maintenance of neurological health. On a cellular level, B12 serves as an essential cofactor for two key enzymatic reactions involving methionine synthase and methylmalonyl-CoA mutase.

Methionine synthase facilitates the conversion of homocysteine into methionine, which is vital for producing various molecules, including phospholipids and neurotransmitters, as well as for regulating gene expression. A deficiency in B12 can lead to megaloblastic anemia. Meanwhile, methylmalonyl-CoA mutase is crucial for breaking down odd-chain fatty acids and branched-chain amino acids. A shortage of B12 results in the accumulation of methylmalonyl-CoA, which can cause the neurological issues associated with vitamin B12 deficiency.

How soon do you feel less tired after a B12 injection? Click to display answer

The time it takes to feel less tired after a B12 injection can vary. Some people report feeling more energetic within a few days, while others might not notice improvements for several weeks, depending on the level of deficiency.

How long does a B12 injection last? Click to display answer

Effects from a B12 injection can last several weeks to months, depending on your absorption rate, metabolism, and severity of B12 deficiency.

What are the biggest B12 injection benefits? Click to display answer

Vitamin B12 injections:

  • Improve mood by reducing stress
  • Support central nervous system function, red blood cell formation, and DNA synthesis
  • Reduce the risk of vision loss from age-related macular degeneration when taken with folic acid and vitamin B6
  • Lowers homocysteine levels, which is associated with cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • May reduce the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Treat pernicious anemia from vitamin B12 deficiency, which can cause nerve damage and stomach cancer.