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The Edge editors test a lot of gear. Here are the products that made the cut.

Self-Described "World's Hottest Sleeper" vs. Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

Smart, cooling mattresses and mattress covers aren’t new, but Eight Sleep has built a better mousetrap. It’s not a cheap solution, but who isn’t willing to shell out for something that’s unequivocally effective, particularly for improving sleep quality?

I slept on an Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover for six months. Here’s my honest review.


Health starts with sleep hygiene. These products are made for increasing REM so you wake up feeling more rested.

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In Fighting Shape

Train like you mean it with these hero fitness picks from The Edge editors and Hone Health’s exclusive community.



Does your lower back always hurt? Your psoas might be tight. For that, there’s the Pso-Rite, a U-shaped mobility tool designed to release muscle tissue and ease pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

We tested it and were only left with one question, “How could something so odd be…Pso-Rite?” Shop below, or read the full review here.

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