One solution to many of life’s problems

On Self Care
“I’m so much happier these days. After years of feeling low energy and struggling, I’m finally thriving and living my best life.”
On Mood
“Went from feeling like I didn’t know myself anymore to my wife telling me we’ve never been better. ”
On Confidence
“Since undergoing treatment, I am me again. Actually, a younger, better me!”
On Energy
“My outstanding rebound of energy and greatly improved mood and attitude towards life keeps me motivated.”
On Fitness
“I’m also thinking clearer, and my body is getting back to looking the best it ever has.”

The results are in

Men who have clinically significant hormone deficiencies feel like addressing their hormone deficiencies kickstarted their well being journey. We surveyed 4,000 men 30+ in age to understand how addressing clinically significant hormone deficiencies has affected their quality of life.

Men receiving medically indicated TRT are more likely to believe that life can get better as they age

Men Not on hormone therapy
Men on hormone therapy
* Self-reported scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 10 (strongly agree)

Men on hormone optimization treatment rank their overall health higher than their peers.

Men Not on hormone therapy
Men on hormone therapy
* Self-reported age at which men think they will hit their prime