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Hone works with affiliated medical practices to find physicians who provide specialized health care and want to help men get better everyday. No cookie cutter medicine here.

Easiest way to provide quality hormone optimization care via telemedicine

Building the the most advanced network of hormone optimization, preventative, and regenerative physicians in the world to deliver the next phase of health care

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How We Work with Doctors


Rigorous Training

In order to begin using the Hone platform, doctors go through rigorous on-boarding, including vetting, credentialing, and training in order to ensure your safety and quality of experience.


Independent Physicians

Doctors are not employed by Hone. They act independently and are fully dedicated to your health and privacy.


Best Patient Outcomes

Doctors on the Hone platform are paid by the number of patients they see. They always use their own independent medical judgement, and want the best outcome for you.

Structure of Consults

  • Initial 30 minute audio/visual consults.

  • Telehealth visits from your computer or smart phone.

  • Every 90 days.

  • Relationship based conversations.

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What does your appointment entail?

Medical History

You will arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early to provide a robust medical history. The more insight you can provide your physicians the more time can be spent on education and your treatment plan.


Your physician will review your lab results in-depth and help you understand how they relate to the specific changes happening in your body.

Personalized Plans

Your physician will provide you a personalized treatment plan and tell you about the benefits, potential side-effects, and time to onset.

Confirmatory Testing

Depending on what medications you are prescribed you may be required to complete a confirmatory test to make sure your hormone levels are low as required by accepted national medical practice guidelines and to make sure treatment will be safe.