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Hone treats men's hormone imbalances and low testosterone by providing access to at-home lab testing, physician consultations, and medication from the comfort of your home to get your SPARK BACK & BE YOUR BEST.

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How Hone Works

All from home. All physician-approved. All built specifically for you.

Order your home assessment

This will include a blood sample collection for our lab analysis. It's easy and virtually pain free.

Schedule an online consultation

Once the results are ready, schedule an online physician consultation with an independent licensed physician to discuss your results and customize your treatment plan.

Subscribe to your plan

We’ll provide access to lab tests of targeted biomarkers, and appropriate for you. Once your physician diagnoses you and provides you with a treatment plan, Hone can help coordinate your ongoing subscription.

Hormone treatment made only for you

Science Backed

Hone helps you address clinically significant hormone deficiencies by developing a treatment plan using a combination of custom medications and supplements that are approved by an independent physician. Everything is personalized to improve your focus, energy, and libido.


Your physician reviews biomarkers from your test results and provides you with an in-depth assessment to explain your specific needs.


Access to ongoing blood monitoring and physician attention from the comfort and privacy of your home. Your monthly treatment is delivered straight to your door.


Hear from men who have experienced the real benefits of addressing clinically significant hormone deficiencies:

A seamless experience for a holistic approach

Science-backed medications and physician recommended treatments that are delivered straight to your home.

Treat Me Now

Not just a physician. A trusted network.

With Hone, we connect you with independent licensed healthcare professionals who are the leading experts in men's clinical health, all without the wait, or the waiting room. Meet our Chief Medical Officer, and medical advisors.

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