Matthew Cowling, D.O.

Matthew Cowling, D.O.
Orthopedic Medicine

Dr. Matthew Cowling is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician who specializes in Musculoskeletal Medicine and Medical Weight Loss. He graduated from medical school at Michigan State University, Completed a general medicine internship at Indiana University and completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency at the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Cowling has focused on the non-surgical treatment of lower back pain and various musculoskeletal Injuries. He has served on the CrossFit Games medical team and has provided medical coverage for athletes both at the collegiate and professional level.

Dr. Cowling is very active in CrossFit and Bodybuilding He has a passion for fitness and nutrition. He has worked as a nutrition coach at local gyms in the Madison Area and developed a passion for Medical Weight Loss. He uses tools such continuous glucose monitoring and various medications to either aid in long term sustainable weight loss or to enhance preparation for competitive athletes.