Tanner Bowden


Education: University of Vermont
Expertise: Running, Outdoors, Skiing

With a narrative-focused approach across all mediums, Tanner has produced travel stories, profiles, how-tos, gear reviews, and tales about technology and trends. Topics include running, biking, skiing, technology, the crafts, and sustainability. Collaborators include internationally recognized media outlets and companies such as: Outside, Eater, Gear Patrol, Field Mag, Men’s Journal, The Quality Edit, Trip Savvy, Eater, Whalebone, Freeskier, and The Radavist. Formerly based in New York City, currently residing in Vermont.

About the Edge

The Edge is an editorial outlet from Hone Health that delivers science-backed, expert-driven content to help you live better for longer. Our content is powered by experienced health and lifestyle journalists and reviewed by members of our Advisory Board, who are notable experts in their respective disciplines, from urology and endocrinology to nutrition and fitness.

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