Charlie Curtis Episode 11
Charlie Curtis: How to Get Fit After 40
A celebrity trainer breaks down how to build muscle, lose weight, and move better as you age.

Celebrity fitness trainer and founder of Indoorphins, Charlie Curtis, CPT, has helped his clients—from celebrities like Ryan Hansen, Dax Shepard, and Kristen Bell to average Joes—build strength, lose weight, and gain energy and confidence through his functional-based approach to fitness. According to Curtis, anyone can lose weight and build muscle (yes, even if you’re over 40). It’s simply a matter of scaling foundational fitness concepts up or down based on your starting point, and putting in good and honest work from there.

In this episode of Hone In, podcast host and Hone Health CEO Saad Alam sat down with Curtis for a glimpse into his straightforward approach to fitness that drives results. They talk about how Curtis’ outlook on recovery and cardio has changed over the years. And how and why he packs down 300 grams of protein, every damn day.

If you’re wondering exactly how to tweak your fitness routine as you age, Curtis gets into that, too. Listen to the full episode for the full inside scoop on how to get results at any age, stage, and ability.

Listen on:


  • The importance of consistency for fitness results
  • Why it’s harder (but not impossible) to build muscle as you age
  • Whether weight loss really comes down to calories in, calories out
  • Why overdoing it might be detrimental to your results
  • The minimum amount of reps and sets needed weekly to build muscle
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  • Curtis’ fitness protocol for building muscle after 40
  • Exactly how to lose weight (with or without cardio)
  • How to hit 300 grams of protein per day
  • Why using the sauna may improve your sleep
  • How to use progressive overload to maximize gains
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