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Greg Scheinman: Are You Having a Midlife Crisis?
How to handle pressure for a happier, healthier mid-life.

A man going through a midlife crisis is the punchline of many sitcoms. The main character has gained weight. He might be irritated and distant from his spouse. He spends money frivolously on sports cars and tech gadgets. And maybe he lacks the energy and motivation to engage in the hobbies he once enjoyed. 

But the midlife crisis isn’t just a plot point or stereotype. Research shows that it’s a real, debilitating experience for nearly 20 percent of men over age 40 (1). According to Greg Scheinman, the creator of The Midlife Male, a weekly newsletter and podcast designed to help men navigate and maximize middle age, this shift in middle age mindset can be attributed to several factors, like hormone changes, lack of energy, and sky-high expectations for success. 

On this episode of the Hone In podcast, host Saad Alam sits down with Scheinman to discuss their journies with midlife crises, including how testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) helped get them back on track. They also dive into strategies for reframing success personally and professionally, prioritizing happiness, and staying accountable. 

Plus, why small daily wins—like kissing your spouse when you get up for work or swapping just one of your daily sodas for water—can make a huge difference in how you feel. 

Listen on:


  • How your hormone health can contribute to midlife mental health
  • When to reframe mistakes as successful failures
  • How TRT improved Scheinman’s energy levels
  • The importance of figuring out your daily bandwidth
  • The secret to a healthy, long-term relationship
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  • How TRT can help men with low T break through a midlife crisis
  • The “Six Fs” of living a balanced, successful life
  • Small swaps that can improve your mental health
  • The power of doing three personal and three professional tasks daily
  • The one no-equipment-needed workout  you need to stay fit and energized
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