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Dr. Guy Winch: How to Build Emotional Resilience

When you scrape yourself up doing yard work or take a tumble at the gym, most of us have a first aid kit on hand to quell the damage. But what do you do if you get emotionally banged up after a hard week?

Most men know that mental health is important, according to research from men’s health charity, Movember. But still, 58 percent of the men surveyed feel like they’re expected to show no weakness. 

The result? Pent-up and unresolved emotional trauma contributes to the nearly 6 million men suffering from depression every year in the United States, according to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

Psychologist and author Dr. Guy Winch encourages men to add mindfulness tools to their emotional first aid kit, which allows them to patch themselves up as easily as a physical injury. 

On this episode of the Hone In with Saad Alam podcast, Winch emphasizes the importance of reframing failure and acknowledging emotional pain. Alam and Winch get transparent about masculinity and mental health—and dissect how vulnerability has helped them live better. 

Listen on:


  • The importance of emotional vulnerability for men
  • How some masculinity norms can harm mental health if left unchecked
  • Alarming statistics about men’s mental health—and what those mean for you
  • How exercise can supercharge your mental wellbeing
  • The difference between mental and emotional health
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  • How to take power away from setbacks—with a simple mindset reframing trick
  • Tools to form your own stress management strategy
  • How self-correcting strategies from physical exercise can help you break out of toxic thought patterns
  • The power of practicing gratitude
  • Why prioritizing community and connection could be the cornerstone of your emotional wellbeing protocol
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