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Khaled Kteily: The Future of Fertility is Now
Global sperm counts are nosediving. Here's how to preserve yours, even if family planning isn't top of mind.

We’re in the midst of a male fertility crisis: Studies show that around the globe, sperm counts have declined by 50 to 60 percent in the past 40 years. And more than fertility is impacted—semen quality can be an important marker of men’s overall health. Experts say that if we don’t do something about the problem now, we could see Spermageddon—men with zero sperm—within a few decades. 

These numbers are alarming, but Khaled Kteily, founder and CEO of the male fertility clinic Legacy, wants men to know that there are ways to protect your sperm, whether you’re thinking about starting a family now or in the distant future. 

In this episode of the Hone In podcast, host and Hone CEO Saad Alam talks to Kteily about simple lifestyle tweaks that can help optimize your sperm quality.

He also shares how common household products can torpedo sperm health, how chronic illness can impact your reproductive health, and why every man should consider freezing his sperm.

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  • Why and how sperm counts have been trending downward for decades
  • How common medications like antidepressants, anabolic steroids, and antibiotics can impact male fertility
  • How chronic illnesses like diabetes can negatively impact sperm count and quality
  • Why all men should consider sperm freezing—even if they aren’t thinking about having kids soon
  • The risks of having kids at an advanced paternal age
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  • Easy swaps to reduce your microplastic exposure, and why it matters for fertility
  • Why you should limit drinking and smoking to better your chances of conceiving 
  • How to optimize your diet and exercise to boost fertility
  • Everything you need to know about preserving fertility on hormone replacement therapy
  • Why managing blood pressure is the key to protecting your sperm quality
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