The Best At-Home Sperm Tests to Kickstart Your Fertility Journey

These at-home sperm tests can mark the beginning of your family planning.
By Taneia Surles, MPH
December 1, 2023

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Male fertility challenges are more common than you think.

Within the past 40 years, sperm count and quality have decreased significantly globally. Potential reasons for this include exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, obesity, and delayed parenthood. And not to mention 1 in 6 couples wanting to conceive are diagnosed as infertile (1). 

If you’re ready to expand your family but aren’t sure if infertility could hinder your journey, at-home sperm tests are worth considering. 

We’ve combed through several tests to provide you with a roundup of the best at-home sperm tests for family planning, and compiled the latest research on the subject to boot. Here’s what you need to know.

Our picks:

Best for Fast Results: Labcorp OnDemand Men’s Rapid Fertility Test 
Most Affordable: SpermCheck Fertility Home Test Kit for Men 
Most Discreet: myLAB Box Male Fertility Test 
Best for Couples: Proov Hers and His Fertility Starter Kit 
Best for Post-Vasectomy: Fellow Vasectomy Test
Best Test with Sperm Freezing: Legacy Standard Semen Analysis 
Best for Hormone Testing: LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Advanced 
Best Semen Analysis: Fellow Semen Analysis 

About the Expert

Dr. Danae Maragouthakis, BS, MPH, MS, MBBS, is an NHS medical doctor working in Emergency Medicine with a background in Public Health, as well as the CEO and co-founder of Yoxly. She’s worked in healthcare for more than two decades and is a member of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH).


What Are At-Home Sperm Tests?

What do at-home sperm tests do?

As the name suggests, an at-home sperm test lets you know whether or not sperm is present in your semen. Some tests can provide a deeper analysis of your sperm, but we will get more into that later. Overall, this can be a helpful test to better understand your sperm fertility (2). 

Who are at-home sperm tests for? 

At-home sperm tests are for individuals or couples who want to understand the quantity and quality of their sperm. Typically, people will use these tests because they want to expand their family, but they can also help verify the success of a vasectomy (3). 

How accurate arethey?

Well, if you believe the brands’ claims of an almost 100 percent accuracy rate, you could say you’ll get a solid semen analysis you can trust. In reality, there are just not enough studies available at this time to determine the actual accuracy of these at-home sperm tests—so take that as you will. 

What do they measure?

“Different tests may measure different parameters that contribute to sperm health and can impact fertility,” says Dr. Danae Maragouthakis, BS, MPH, MS, MBBS, an NHS medical doctor and the CEO and co-founder of Yoxly, a company that makes at-home sexual health kits.  

Dr. Maragouthakis explains the following as the most common parameters at-home sperm tests measure:

Some at-home sperm tests may also examine the following: (4)

Some at-home sperm tests may also examine the following: (4)

The Best At-Home Sperm Tests

Labcorp OnDemand Men’s Rapid Fertility Test

Best for fast results

Usually, any in-person or at-home test can take some time to get results—but not this one.You’ll get same-day results after collecting your sample—so you won’t have to wait too long to figure out the quality of your sperm. This test, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), simply requires a semen sample and examines the concentration and volume of your sperm. To get the most accurate results, the brand suggests waiting two to seven days without ejaculating before collecting a sample and advises against the use of a condom or lubricant.Your test results will be available on Labcorp’s patient platform and include tips on improving sperm count for future testing, and you can purchase the kit with a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA).

SpermCheck Fertility Home Test for Men

Most affordable

Many at-home tests are pricey due to the convenience of not leaving your home to collect your samples. However, amidst all of the mid-to-high-cost tests, SpermCheck provides a readily available budget option.This test uses technology shown to have a 98 percent accuracy rate in clinical trials, and the kit provides easy-to-understand instructions and delivers same-day results. The entire testing process takes roughly 30 minutes or less, and you can purchase the kit with an FSA or HSA.

myLAB Box Male Fertility Test

Most discreet

Understandably, there are some things that you just want to keep private—including sperm testing.Whether you’re testing as you try to conceive or just want to better understand your sperm count without an awkward encounter with your doctor, myLAB Box offers discreet delivery.When your test kit arrives, it’ll be in plain wrap packaging—so family, friends, or roommates will be completely unaware of what you’ve ordered. In this test kit, you’ll receive two semen analysis kits, so you can test again in the future if necessary. Your results are delivered within minutes and have about a 97 percent accuracy rate in clinical trials. After submitting your sample, you’ll receive a recorded video of your sperm that you can share with your partner(s), family, friends, health provider, or keep to yourself. The kit is FDA-approved and the brand offers free shipping.

Proov Hers and His Fertility Starter Kit

Best for couples

Use a couples test kit to get your partner involved in the testing process.This couple’s kit includes a complete testing system (for ovaries), a sperm test, and pregnancy tests. This is the only all-in-one fertility test for couples, covering all the necessary testing for males and females. The test kit has a 99 percent accuracy rate and is non-invasive. After going through the testing cycle, you’ll get a thorough analysis that discusses the ovarian reserve status, hormones, and whether or not ovulation was successful for trying to conceive. You can then share the results with your doctor, should you wish to do so. The brand also offers an Advanced Fertility Kit for couples with two testing cycles, as well as one-on-one support for questions or concerns and regular check-ins during your fertility journey.

Fellow Vasectomy Test

Best for post-vasectomy

Vasectomies have over a 99.99 percent success rate in preventing pregnancy, but there’s a small chance that you might still have some sperm swimming around in there (4).Fellow’s Vasectomy Test gives you peace of mind by revealing whether or not you have any remaining sperm. Healthcare providers often recommend this type of at-home sperm test as a way to ensure your procedure was successful—or reveal that a second vasectomy is necessary. Your test results are sent within a day and a half after Fellow’s lab receives your kit, and all samples are analyzed in a CLIA-approved lab and are doctor-reviewed. This test is easy to understand, on the more affordable side, and provides quick results. You should wait 12 weeks post-surgery before taking the test.

Legacy Standard Semen Analysis

Best test with sperm freezing

Unexpected life events may affect your family planning—which is why many consider sperm freezing.This sperm test includes the optional add-on of sperm freezing—with the option to get a yearly, five-or 10-year sperm freezing plan alongside a sperm analysis. The sperm analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the quality of your sperm, which will be available in an online client dashboard.Legacy’s at-home sperm test looks at the volume, concentration, motility, count, and morphology of your sperm. In addition, the brand will freeze and thaw a small portion of your sperm sample to determine if it’s a good candidate for sperm freezing before proceeding with the process entirely.Results are typically available within 48 hours, and the brand offers a variety of payment options, such as HSA/FSA, insurance, military benefits, and interest-free monthly payments.

LetsGetChecked Male Hormone Advanced

Best for hormone testing

This test is a bit different from our list as it focuses more on male hormonal health. Your hormones can tell you much about your health, including fertility (or infertility), testosterone levels, and more (5). Getting a better understanding of your hormones can tell you quite a bit about your sperm health.LetsGetChecked provides a test that analyzes your testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), free androgen index (FAI), estradiol, and prolactin. You’ll simply prick your finger to provide a blood sample that’ll be analyzed to determine the state of your hormonal health.If you’re dealing with fertility challenges, your test results can provide additional insight and guidance for your family planning journey.Your results will be available in a secure online portal within two to five days and the company has several nurses available 24/7 to discuss your results and next steps.

Fellow Semen Analysis

Best semen analysis

Fellow has made its way onto our list once again for providing a comprehensive semen analysis test. This test goes a bit deeper than others, as it gives more insight into the quality of your sperm so you can know if it’s in tip-top shape. The test examines your sperm’s motility, morphology, total motile count, etc. You’ll be able to dive deep into your test results through the easy-to-use and easy-to-understand app Fellow provides.The brand also offers sperm freezing if you’d like to pursue that. As with all Fellow tests, results area avilable as soon as they’re approved by Fellow’s CLIA-certified lab. Test results remain anonymous and are only shared with you and your doctor (if you prefer).