Hone In Dr. Steven Gundry Episode 12
Dr. Steven Gundry: How to Heal a Leaky Gut For Good
Heal your gut, lose weight, squash your risk of chronic disease, and live longer.

Dr. Steven Gundry, M.D., is a world-renowned cardiologist, heart surgeon, medical researcher, and author. After working in medicine for more than 40 years, Gundry shifted his focus to teaching people how to avoid surgery in the first place through simple diet changes. According to Gundry, what we eat is behind everything from chronic diseases like obesity and cardiovascular disease to unexplained ailments like autoimmune disorders and migraines. Gundry’s holistic, food forward approach has helped his clients lose weight, reduce chronic disease risk, and live longer, healthier lives.

In this episode of Hone In, podcast host and Hone Health CEO Saad Alam sat down with Gundry for the inside scoop on his new book Gut Check. They talk about the link between your gut microbiome and inflammation, how to heal leaky gut, and what to eat to improve microbiome diversity. Plus, why some foods you think are healthy (looking at you, oatmeal) might be wreaking havoc on your gut.

Gundry also gets real about why the keto diet works, but isn’t the best option for overall health. He outlines exactly how to tap into the benefits of a keto diet, and improve your metabolism, without actually going keto.

Listen to the full episode for a glimpse into how to tweak your diet for a healthier gut, metabolism, and ultimately, a longer life.

Listen on:


  • How your gut microbiome is linked to chronic disease
  • The “healthy” foods that might be causing gut dysbiosis
  • How endocrine disruptors wreak havoc on your gut
  • Why you’re probably doing the keto diet wrong
  • Why time-restricted eating might be the secret to metabolic flexibility
"All disease comes from the gut," Dr. Steven gundry


  • Exactly what (and what not) to eat for a healthy gut
  • Biomarkers that may indicate leaky gut and how to improve them
  • How and when to eat to tap into the benefits of ketosis
  • Vitamins you’re probably deficient in that deserve a spot in your supplement stack
  • Gundry’s five non-negotiables for more energy
Steven Gundry headshot