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Dr. Vincent Pedre: Proven Ways to Improve Gut Health
A doctor shares all the dirty details on how to heal your gut microbiome.


here’s nothing sexy about the gut. At least, that’s what internist and functional medicine specialist Vincent Pedre, M.D., thought when he was in medical school. But once he discovered how gut health impacts almost every system of the body, he dedicated his entire career to it. 

On the Hone In with Saad Alam podcast, Pedre reveals why regional differences in the gut microbiome—due to diet, toxin exposure, and medicine use—could contribute to Blue Zone-level longevity. He zooms in on one Tanzanian hunter-gatherer tribe, the Hadza, who live practically untouched by debilitating illnesses like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. 

Pedre also dives into the details of how long it really takes to heal your gut. (Did you know that unfurled, your gut microbiome is the size of a tennis court?). Plus, exactly what lifestyle factors could make or break chronic gut inflammation—impacting your risk of chronic disease.

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  • Regional differences in gut microbiome
  • Why leaky gut could increase your chronic disease risk
  • The link between gut and hormone health
  • How long it takes to heal an inflamed or leaky gut
  • Why one Tanzanian tribe is virtually untouched by diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and dementia
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  • Stress management strategies that could improve your gut health
  • How antibiotics and pesticides can impact your microbiome
  • What lifestyle factors could be causing leaky gut
  • The “Weed, Seed, and Feed” method of curing gut inflammation
  • Which gut inflammation-causing foods to avoid
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