Is the Jawzrsize endorsed by Andrew Huberman?

Does Jawzrsize Give You a Huberman-Level Jaw—or Is it a Looksmaxxing Flop?

The popular podcaster hasn't endorsed the device but that hasn't stopped fans from trying it.


few months ago, fans of neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., began seeing an ad for a rubbery, jaw exerciser called the “Jawzrsize,” on their TikTok For You pages—seemingly endorsed by Huberman Lab podcaster himself.

But, it wasn’t. 

The video, which made it sound like the Jawzrsize was behind Hubes’ razor sharp jawline, was created by the seller using AI to stitch together snippets from Huberman Lab episodes. This isn’t the first time Huberman has been targeted by deep fake advertisements for gimmicky wellness products. Last April, a conversation between Huberman and podcaster Joe Rogan was altered with AI to promote sex pills that neither man had agreed to endorse. 

Huberman recently took to X to clear the air, saying that he has “no financial relationship to any of those companies/products” and does “not endorse” them.

Still, the prospect of an easy, non-invasive jaw optimizer was enough for many of Huberman’s devout followers to take the bait—despite mild speculation on the r/HubermanLab subreddit that the ad was fake. 

One Youtuber, PeteOnPurpose, (who blames his soft food diet is the cause of his slim lower face) claimed to try  the Jawzrsize for 60 days to try to improve his jawline. However, at the end of his experiment, he didn’t notice a difference. 

That’s one of the better outcomes reported by men who jumped on the Jawzrsize wave. Other Redditor reported experiencing extreme jaw soreness, headaches, and chipped teeth after using the product. 

What Is Looksmaxxing?

The fixation with Huberman’s jawline is just one part of trend among extreme optimizers, called “Looksmaxxing,”—an extreme form of making aesthetic-focused enhancements that make you appear more masculine. Among striving for a positive canthal tilt (the angle and shape of your eyes) and a shredded physique, a square, masculine jaw is one of looksmaxxers most desired features. 

A chewable, plastic jaw exerciser is just one of the methods looksmaxxers are following to sculpt the lower half of their faces. Other methods include mewing, or strategically controlling your tongue placement in hopes of making a more pronounced jawline and ‘bone smashing,’ (breaking your own jaw bone to alter its shape).

In case it wasn’t obvious, none of these jaw-enhancing techniques have any credible research behind them. But, the fake ties to highly trusted medical experts like Huberman make these ads all the more believable, especially for die-hard podcast fans.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to elevate your appearance—just take TikTok ads with an XL grain of salt. Yes, even if you think they’re coming from Huberman.