Liver King Before and After Steroid Use

Liver King Says He's Natty for Real Now

The raw organ-devouring influencer is off steroids, and his experience is typical of guys who quit gear.

He also mentioned that he’s doing a water fast and chowing down on bowls and piles of salt, which he claims is helping him bulk while he’s not eating. 

Liver King certainly looks trimmer, maybe even more natural, but that on day 4 of his fast—day 9 of going off gear—he woke up with “blurry vision, low energy, low drive, low mood. Can’t wait to get out of this hellhole.” We don’t know whether those impacts are from skipping steroids or eschewing food, but they’re in line with what generally happens to the human body when you ditch steroids for good and go full natty.

Effects of Ditching Anabolic Steroid Use 

Getting off anabolic steroids, which are used to build muscle mass and decrease fat, can be serious business, according to American Addiction Centers.

Hefty users may experience withdrawal symptoms including serious depression if they suddenly quit, which is why a better bet is to taper off gradually, under the supervision of a doctor, to give your body time to adjust (no word if Liver King went cold turkey or worked with a doctor). 

It will take time for your natural hormonal balance to return. If you’ve been on anabolic steroids for a while, it can take up to four months for the body to restore its normal testosterone levels, as these steroids mimic the effects of testosterone. You may notice symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss due to lowered appetite, decreased strength, and/or depression.

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