a man looks at his Apple Watch on his wrist while working out outside

15 Apple Watch Accessories Made for the Gym & Beyond

Keep scratches far away.

The Apple Watch is the go-to smartwatch for its high-quality function and features, both in and out of the gym. While the watch itself has remained nearly the same since its inception in 2015, the range of Apple Watch accessories has grown extensively—with different bands, chargers, and cases to make it even more personalized to your needs.

There are, however, certain nuances between the varying watch models, so make sure you’re choosing the right accessories based on your specific Apple Watch series—for example, the new Series 7 has a larger screen than its predecessors—and properly measure your wrist for the appropriate band size. Once that’s taken care of, all you have to worry about is closing your rings for the day.

Whether you need a portable charger or power bank to stash in your gym bag, or you’re looking for a protective case that stands up to your weightlifting routine, here are the 15 best Apple Watch accessories available now.

The Best Apple Watch Accessories

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