Hone In podcast with Louisa Nicola
Louisa Nicola: Optimize Your Brain for Peak Performance
"The brain is the greatest insurance policy a human can have."

Louisa Nicola, M.S. is a neurophysiologist, celebrity performance coach, and CEO of Neuro Athletics. Elite athletes—including NFL player Bryce Butler and NBA player Omer Stevenson—turn to Nicola to optimize their performance and health, and fortify their competitive edge. 

In this episode of Hone In, Nicola talks about the importance of brain health for performance, and how to improve it with age.  

The biggest takeaway: Exercise—both cardio and strength training—is one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp and lower your risk for neurodegenerative disease. 

Host Saad Alam and Nicola also dive into how to harness the power of brain training, diet, sleep, and social connection to improve your brain health today, and for years to come. 

Listen on:


  • Biomarkers of physical and cognitive performance
  • Brain training for athletes
  • Determining your Alzheimer’s risk 
  • Why heart health is critical for brain health 
  • How sleep impacts cognitive function and performance 
Louisa Nicola quote, "I truly believe that the brain is the greatest insurance policy a human can have."


  • How to improve your VO2 max for boosts in learning and memory
  • Reaction training to improve your physical and mental performance
  • Exactly which exercises to do for the biggest brain benefits 
  • How to improve neuroploasticity by spending time with friends and family
  •  How to keep your brain healthy as you age
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