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Polina Pompliano: How to Unlock Your Hidden Genius
How the most successful people reason their way through challenging problems, according to an expert.

Polina Pompliano is an expert in success, or at least how the super successful think and solve complex problems. Author of Hidden Genius: The Secret Ways of Thinking That Power the World’s Most Successful People, Pompliano is the founder of The Profile, a media organization that studies successful people and the companies they run. 

Pompliano earned her reputation running Fortune’s industry-leading dealmaking newsletter Term Sheet, where she interviewed some of the most influential wheelers and dealers in the world—including Melinda Gates, Steve Case, Chamath Palihapitiya, and more.

In this episode of Hone In, host Saad Alam sat down with Pompliano to talk about how the very successful reason their way through problems, unleash their creativity, navigate relationships, and perform under extreme pressure. 

In a world that idolizes the unattainable genius, Pompliano’s take, which places greater emphasis on repeatable problem-solving frameworks, is as welcome as it is effective. 

Listen on:


  • What inspired Pompliano to write Hidden Genius
  • The one thing that all exceptional people do to distinguish themselves from the crowd
  • Why creativity is a skill, not a talent
  • Why mental toughness may be just as important as smarts
  • Why trust is even more important than it seems, and how to develop it even in dire circumstances 
  • Taking the Ted Lasso approach to listening—”Be curious, not judgmental.”
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  • How to reason your way through complex problems 
  • How—and why—to build a community
  • How, and when, to be a leader
  • How to build and maintain healthy, productive relationships
Polina Pompliano on the Hone In With Saad Alam podcast
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