3 vertical climbers on red background

Vertical Climbers Will Make You Wish You Ditched Treadmills and Rowing Machines Sooner

Like a treadmill, rowing machine, and elliptical rolled into one.

Everyone knows they need to build more cardio into their fitness routines, but not everyone likes running. Or rowing. Or ellipticals. Or cycling. Though it’s easy to dismiss cardio-dodgers as weak-willed, there are real reasons other than simply not wanting to for avoiding the most common forms of cardio exercise. First and foremost, most popular cardio workouts (and the machines that perpetuate them) aren’t easy on the joints. This is where the popularity of vertical climbers grew from. Professional athletes and celebrities in need of a quick shred (that’s easy on the joints) started turning to the climbing machine as a cardio workout that’s repeatable, unlikely to cause injury, and spreads the load across your whole body. Interested? Here are the best vertical climbers for your money.

What Are Vertical Climbers?

Vertical climbers are cardio-focused exercise machines that have earned serious popularity in recent years. They’re known for delivering the rare combination of full-body and low-impact cardio work.

If you’re someone with joint pain or frequently have recovery periods between bouts of extreme energy use (an athletic competition of some kind), vertical climbers are an excellent option, as their best attribute is the ability to recruit nearly the entire body for high-intensity cardio work without stressing the joints.

The Best Vertical Climbers for Your Money