Alan Ritchson takes TRT for career longevity

Alan Ritchson: TRT is My Ticket to Career Longevity

With his hormones in check, the 'Reacher' star says he’s game for another 15 years.


ven heroic action stars like Alan Ritchson can benefit from hormone replacement therapy. 

In an interview with Men’s Health UK, the 41-year-old Reacher star opened up about how testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) helped him recover his physique and energy after season one of the show. 

He suspects keeping up with hormone treatment will keep him coming back for more seasons.

“Getting on testosterone was huge for me,” Ritchson said. “I had none by the time I was done with season one, due to the stress and the fatigue and what I had done to my body.” Ritchson was referring to the grueling fitness routine that resulted in 30 pounds of muscle and a major shoulder injury.

For middle-aged men, a natural dip in testosterone levels makes maintaining gains harder the older you get, according to James Staheli, D.O. And going through a major bulk—like Ritchson did—can make the effects of low testosterone even more pronounced.

About the Expert:

Dr. James R. Staheli, D.O., is the Medical Director for Broad Health, Hone Health’s affiliated medical practice and a family medicine doctor, with a specialization in men’s hormone health.

If you have a testosterone deficiency, TRT can bring your levels back to a healthy level. According to Staheli, increasing testosterone levels through TRT promotes muscle growth by helping repair muscle fibers that were damaged during exercise) and by protecting muscles from breaking down. 

And, a little bit of TRT may go a long way. While Ritchson doesn’t share how low his testosterone levels were or the exact dose his doctor prescribed, he says a low “clinical” dose helped him pack on muscle more easily and reversed the toll heavy training was taking on his body. 

“[Testosterone therapy] definitely helps with muscle growth,” Ritchson says. “If you take a little bit and then work your ass off in the gym like you normally would, you’re going to see huge results.”

Since getting his hormones in check, Ritchson says he’s looking forward to starring in Reacher for the next fifteen years.

“For me, it’s a long game. I don’t want to have to have surgery after every season, and testosterone helps.” Ritchson tells Men’s Health UK. “[Men aren’t] aware that it’s out there, but it could be really life changing. It can do a lot more than just help you be buff, but it certainly helped in my journey.”

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