man standing with kettlebell between his legs

Guys. Stop Lifting Weights With Your Junk Already

No pain, no gain does not apply here.

Dr. Karan Raj is widely known on social media for his medical advice—and abundance of euphemisms about male genitals. A surgeon for the UK’s National Health Service, whose past posts have delved into stomach-turning topics like testicular degloving and penis fractures, Raj warns against another troubling trend related to your junk: penis weights.

Yep, dudes are putting mini kettlebell-like weights on their penises to make them longer.

“The aim is it creates enough resistance to stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments so you end up with a longer magic stick,” Raj says.

But this brutal exercise doesn’t come without its fair share of risks to your baby maker. Penis weights cause bruising, scarring, and micro-tears to the tunica albuginea—a fibrous envelope that contains erectile tissue and helps maintain an erection, says Raj.

Penile lifting can cause erectile dysfunction and doesn’t bode well for the shape of your shaft, Raj says. It can even cause penis fractures.

Your penis doesn’t have bones but it can still “break,” Raj notes. During an erection, your penis fills with blood. If it is suddenly or forcefully bent, this trauma can rupture your tunica albuginea resulting in immediate pain, a swollen shaft, and discoloration from bleeding under your skin.

If you fracture your penis, you need immediate medical attention and surgery. If left untreated, you may be left with a curved penis or erectile dysfunction.

“There’s no solid evidence to suggest [penis weights] work unless you want to get medical advice from Twitter threads and Reddit,” Raj says.