The Best Sex Toys for Men, According to a Guy Whose Been “Testing” Them for a Decade

It's time to get over your sex toy insecurities and embrace the good a quality toy can do for a relationship.
By Zachary Zane
July 31, 2023

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Google “sex toys” and you will be hit with hundreds of websites claiming their sex toys are the best. These companies boast of sustainability, Bluetooth compatibility, or having fifteen different vibrations and speeds. (I’m sorry, but every goddamn vibrator has different vibration patterns and speeds, and you end up using only one of them.)

With never-ending options, deciding on a single toy to purchase can be overwhelming. And one thing you’ll quickly learn is that a higher price does not guarantee a better quality toy. There are some costly sex toys that, frankly, are crap—and some inexpensive toys with powerful vibrations that will last you a lifetime.

Luckily, I’ve been a sex writer for nearly a decade, and part of my job is reviewing sex toys. I have literally “tested” over a hundred toys—yes, my job is fantastic—and I’m here to share some of my “findings.” So without further ado, here are the 15 best sex toys for men.

Birds & Bees

Best Sex Toys for Men


Best Overall Sex Toy

This open-ended stroker makes it great to use with a partner. Your partner can go down on you—sucking your head and using the Manta on your shaft. It’s also an excellent handjob accessory. And if you and your partner like cum, the Manta is ideal because when you ejaculate, you shoot everywhere because the toy is open-ended, unlike traditional masturbation sleeves.

Arcwave Stroker

Biggest Bang for Your Buck

This reusable stroker is less than twenty dollars and feels as good as pricier Fleshlights. It has two textures (one on each side) and is very simple to clean, unlike some other strokes, which can get a little gross if you cum in them one too many times.

Rimming Plug 2

Best Anal Toy

This anal toy has beads at the base that massage your external anus, making it feel like someone is rimming you while you’re getting penetrated. The pleasure is overwhelming.

Stainless Steel Prostate Plug

b-Vibe just came out with a new stainless steel prostate plug for those a little bit more experienced with anal play and enjoy a toy with less “give.” The unique shape is specifically designed to stimulate your prostate.


The Hugo is on the pricier side, but it’s one of the few times where higher price does equate to better quality. This prostate massager comes with a remote control that allows for very specific, localized vibrations. You actually control the speed, intensity and placement of the vibrations by tilting the remote.

The Bi Amor

Full transparency, I was involved in the design of this dildo. Fun Factory and I partnered to create a dildo in the colors of the bisexual flag for my new book, Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto. This toy is on the smaller side, with less than five insertable inches, but if you’re new to anal play or want to show off your bi pride, then the Bi Amor is for you.

The Thruster

This is not an ordinary dildo… it can thrust three inches inside you so that you can experience penetration hands-free. This dildo is clearly not for beginners, but if you’re someone experienced in anal play and looking to get plowed deep, look no further, my dude.

Oral Stroker

Best Blowjob Accessory

If you’re on the bigger side, to the point that your partner can’t deepthroat you, I recommend getting the oral stroker from Hello Cake. Your partner can wrap it around the base of your penis while sucking your head, making it feel like you’re getting deepthroated.


Best Cock Ring

This silicone cock ring from Je Joue utilizes their unique motor, which offers low-frequency vibrations, or what they call a “deep rumble.” These lower but deeper vibrations lead to a more full-body orgasm as opposed to one localized to your genitals.

Playboy Pleasure’s Bring It On

Best Multi-Purpose Sex Toy

This is a three-for-one deal. You get a vibrating butt plug that thrusts, plus a cock ring, plus a a little cradle that stimulates your testicles. It takes a moment to get used to all the sensations, but once you do, you’re in for a wild ride.

Air Pump Booty 2

Best Inflatable Toy

Having a butt plug inflate inside you is a bizarre yet pleasurable sensation. You feel so filled. It also becomes a sort of game to see how big you can inflate the toy inside yourself.

Inside Job Silicone Cock Ring & Butt Plug

This is one of those inexpensive toys that gets the job done. The cock ring helps to sustain your erection, and the additional anal stimulation from the plug makes your orgasms even stronger.

The Duke

I was looking to see why this toy’s reviews were on the lower side, and I quickly realized that people were inserting it incorrectly. You don’t just insert that wiggly tip; you insert the entire base up to the “on” button. Then the remaining section hugs your perineum. This toy isn’t for beginners because it remains deep inside you, but if that’s the type of stimulation you’re after, the Duke is your man.


While we don’t think of vibrators as sex toys traditionally for men, placing a wand on your frenulum (the back of your penis where the shaft meets the head) can feel heavenly. You can also press it to your anus for external pleasure. The Vim is my favorite vibrator with its flexible head and strong vibrations. (It’s also helpful if your girlfriend wants to use it on herself.)


The Motorbunny is undeniably an investment. But if you love strong internal stimulations, there’s nothing like it. The Motorbunny will have your entire insides shaking.