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Defend Against Gnarly Chemicals with the Best Water Filters for PFAS

Cut harmful “forever chemicals” out at the source.

The law of things with long, hard-to-say names is thus: it’s either really boring and not worth fretting over, or it’s a serious issue you should think about. Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, otherwise known as PFAS, fall unfortunately into the latter category.

Sometimes called “forever chemicals,” PFAS are manmade chemical byproducts of various manufacturing processes. They don’t break down over time, so they accumulate in the environment and in your body. Depending on where you live, your biggest exposure point to PFAS may be your water—shower water, drinking water, sink water, and so on. The good news: there are powerful water-filtering products that block PFAS entry. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Are PFAS Bad?

Most researchers will say PFAS warrant more studies to fully understand their impact on the human body, but at this point, the science has linked exposure to PFAS to a wide array of health issues. Altered immune and thyroid function, liver disease, kidney disease, birth defects, and lipid and insulin dysregulation. Not to mention kidney, liver, and testicular cancer (1), as well as evidence suggesting it may lower testosterone levels in men (2). You can learn more about what the Environmental Protection Agency is doing to combat PFAS on its website.

Who Needs a PFAS Filter?

Not everyone needs or should consider a PFAS filter, as your exposure to chemicals is largely dependent on where you live (though some consumer products, like sparkling water or nonstick cookware, bring in PFAS from outside your local area). Most experts suggest getting your water tested for chemical content before getting any type of filter—from a simple pitcher filter to a full-home water filtration system. This process is usually done by water testing labs more local to you, which can be found by Google searching “water test for PFAS.” There are also water filter makers that tailor the product you buy to your zip code or township, which is done to ensure the filtration systems you buy are clearing out the stuff that’s actually in your water.

The Best Water Filters for PFAS