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Dr. Anastasia Jandes: Chronic Stress, Inflammation, Testosterone and Veterans’ Health
A doctor explains how to break through the cycle of PTSD, stress response, and hormone imbalance.

Anastasia Jandes, M.D., is a functional medicine doctor who is at the forefront of research on  inflammation, chronic stress, sleep, and testosterone. Her veteran-targeted care plans are tailored to the specific needs of each person, utilizing nutrition and lifestyle changes as primary interventions alongside medication management, behavioral therapy, counseling, and nutritional supplementation

In this episode of Hone In, host Saad Alam sat down with her to talk about veteran hormone health struggles—and why that should matter to you even if you haven’t served.

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  • How the physical, mental, and emotional stresses faced by military personnel during service can set them up for health issues when they return home
  • Why toxins from burn pits are a leading cause of hormone imbalance in veterans (plus, why that matters even if you haven’t served)
  • The link between traumatic brain injuries and low testosterone
  • How PTSD can show up differently in different people
  • The hurdles veterans face to access healthcare and why the VA isn’t currently set up to fully serve them
  • How stress drives inflammation, the number one cause of chronic disease
  • How artificial sweeteners disrupt hormone health
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  • How to tone your vagus nerve to tamp down the fight or flight stress response 
  • How to break out of the vicious cycle of stress  
  • Why your sleep pattern is critical for optimal hormone health—and how to optimize it
  • How—and why—to lower inflammation
  •  The easiest way to quit artificial sweeteners
  • How to access the best care if you’re struggling with PTSD or other health problems after military service
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