Your Plastic Water Bottle is Killing Your Sperm. Try These BPA-Free Options Instead

Hydration without the hormone-disrupting toxins.
By Rebekah Harding
April 25, 2023

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If you’re like most guys, you hit the gym and stay hydrated to optimize your longevity, health and testosterone levels. But one common chemical in your seemingly innocent plastic water bottle could be wreaking havoc on your hormones without your knowledge. We’re talking about BPA.

BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been used in manufacturing for decades to harden plastic products and make them more durable. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences points to one study that found that 93 percent of U.S. adults have some BPA in their bodies right now from eating or drinking out of plastic containers throughout their life (1).

Exposure to BPA has been linked to endocrine disruption, which could affect fertility, sperm count, and sex drive in men. A study in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology even found an association between BPA exposure and lowered testosterone levels (2).

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While the FDA reports the current safe limit of BPA is 50 µg/kg of body weight daily, a petition was submitted in 2022 by several environmental and health organizations to lower the acceptable daily limit to 0.04 ng/kg of body weight. This petition follows new findings from experts at the European Food Safety Authority that the BPA can be harmful at levels 100,000 times lower than previously understood. 

Luckily, as consumers push against products with harmful chemicals, BPA-free containers are becoming more common. We sifted through the pile and found 15 BPA-free water bottles, rated highly by reviewers. 

The 15 Best BPA-Free Water Bottles

Owala FreeSip

This water bottle is top-rated for a reason. The Owala FreeSip lets you switch between sipping between sets and chugging after an all-out sprint using its unique mouthpiece design. Use the front like a straw, or tip the whole container back with no spillage.

Sizes: 19, 24, and 32 fl oz

Price: $20-32

HydraPak Stow Bottle

Hate lugging around an empty water jug after your workout? HydraPak’s Stow Bottle is made with flexible plastic that packs down after you’ve finished your water, making it ideal for hikes and traveling.

Sizes: 17 and 32 fl oz

Price: $15-20

Platypus Platy Water Bottle

This container from Platypus looks more like your kids’ Capri Sun than a traditional water bottle—but the flat design makes it ideal for slipping into a backpack on the go. Once your bottle is empty, roll it up and stow.

Sizes: 70 fl oz

Price: $26


YETI Rambler Gallon Jug

Need to haul enough hot coffee or ice cold water for you and your whole hiking crew? This insulated gallon jug keeps cold drinks chilly and hot drinks warm. The YETI Rambler is dishwasher safe and even comes with a five-year warranty.

Sizes: 1 gallon

Price: $130



Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Insulated Water Bottle

The double-wall vacuum insulation in this bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. And, the wide mouth opening is ice cube friendly. And this bottle comes in tons of sizes if you want to opt for a smaller bottle.

Sizes: 20, 32, 40, and 64 fl oz

Price: $45

Purist Mover Vacuum Water Bottle

This leak-proof bottle is lined with silicon dioxide, or quartz, for a glass-like finish that keeps drinks pure, without any metallic after taste. Buyers love it for its simple, modern design and ability to keep drinks at your desired temp all day.

Sizes: 18 fl oz

Price: $48


Klean Kanteen Wide Recycled Insulated Water Bottle

Not only is this bottle toxin-free, but it’s also made with 90 percent post-consumer recycled steel. The Climate Lock™ lid keeps ice from melting for 75 hours, so you can keep your drink cold even during a multi-day camping trip or hike.

Sizes: 16, 20 and 32 fl oz

Price: $33-45

Stanley Vacuum Water Jug

This stainless-steel bottle’s vacuum technology preserves the temp of cool drinks for up to 20 hours and keeps ice frozen for up to four days. And you don’t have to worry about spillage with Stanley’s leak-proof flip straw.

Sizes: 10 to 64 fl oz

Price: $18-41


LARQ Bottle Filtered

On edge about heavy metals in your water? This bottle’s built-in filter keeps you from consuming lead, heavy metals, and chlorine. And, the low-pressure straw makes it easy to take a swig on the go.

Sizes: 17 and 24 fl oz

Price: $50


Camelback Chute Mag

This lightweight and durable bottle comes in a variety of sizes and is made with 50 percent recycled materials. The leak-proof magnetic cap keeps your water in your bottle and out of your gym bag.

Sizes: 20, 25, 32, and 50 fl oz

Price: $15-19


Nalgene Sustain Wide Mouth

Nalgene uses 50 percent waste plastic to create this sustainable, toxin-free bottle. This bottle also has enough space to fit most water filtration devices inside if you’re in a pinch.

Sizes: 16, 32, and 48 fl oz

Price: $15-20

Que Collapsible Bottle

The swirled exterior isn’t just for looks—Que’s Collapsible bottle is easy to stow away after you’ve finished your beverage by pressing on the top. Better yet, Que is committed to sustainable production and partners with environmental non-profits.

Sizes: 20 fl oz

Price: $25

Sursip Glass Water Bottle

Have trouble remembering to drink water? This glass bottle has time and measurement markers printed on the side, so it’s easy to meet your hydration goals throughout the day. For men, the Mayo Clinic recommends drinking 15.5 cups of fluid daily.

Sizes: 32 fl oz

Price: $20


S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

We love that S’well bottles are designed to be condensation-free, so you don’t have to worry about it sweating on your things. The slim design fits easily in your hand on the go, and Therma-S’well® Technology keeps your drinks at the temp you want.

Sizes: 17 and 25 fl oz

Price: $35-45


Hydrojug Half-Gallon Water Bottle

This insulated, leak-proof half-gallon is a great option to bring to the gym floor. The carry loop also makes it easy to grab on the go or attach to a gym bag.

Sizes: 64 fl oz

Price: $22