Sam Heughan posing for pictures

Sam Heughan Developed a “Low-Level Eating Disorder” to Stay Hollywood-Fit

The actor opened up about the pressure to stay lean on GMA.

Sam Heughan has an enviable body and fitness routine, but the Outlander star is now opening up about his struggle with body image and the pressure of being a leading man—one that led to a low-level eating disorder.

Heughan sat down with Good Morning America to talk about his new memoir, “Waypoints,” and his 100-mile hike through the Scottish Highlands as he prepares for Season 7 of the hit Starz show.

The 42-year old actor also revealed his struggle with body issues and the pressure that comes with being a Hollywood leading man. He even considered this to be a low-level eating disorder.

“I think [men are] less vocal about it,” Heughan told GMA. “I felt as a young actor I needed to look a certain way. I went through a period where I was not eating right, not doing the right exercises, and just trying to slim down.”

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In an interview with WBUR, Heughan says he was trying “to fit in to what was required,” but that it, “sent me on this great journey now that I’ve learned about health, wellness, fitness and educated myself in it.”

Judging off a March 2022 interview with GQ, Heughan is definitely a model for healthy eating. His go-to food is porridge and he’ll always have, “a flavored protein powder in there, chocolate or vanilla,” among other toppings including bananas, almond butter, or frozen blueberries.

He told GQ that he also takes supplements, including krill oil, omegas, vitamin D, and glutathione—an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress, boosts energy, improves immunity, and combats age-related disease—to keep him ahead of the game, both physically and mentally.

Inspired by his own experience and desire to help others live healthier, happier, and more balanced lives, Heughan created a charity fitness platform called My Peak Challenge in 2015. The global movement seeks to educate others on how to create a healthy lifestyle and raises money for a number of important causes like hunger relief and cancer research.