The best beard oils for men sitting on podiums

The Best Beard Oil for Every Type of Scruff

Whether your look is “mountain man” or you prefer a touch of stubble.

Whether your look is giving “mountain man” or you prefer a touch of scruff, taking proper care of the hair on your face will help keep it looking groomed and fresh, no matter the length or fullness. That said, just because facial hair is on your face doesn’t mean you can get away with slapping on your skincare products (or lack thereof) and calling it a day. Formulas specifically made for beard hair, like beard oils, will help keep yours nourished, smooth, and frizz- and breakage-free thanks to botanical oils and skincare-grade ingredients.

They don’t stop at your facial hair though: Beard oils also prevent your beard from becoming itchy and scratchy, a common conundrum of guys with facial hair thanks to dry strands, clogged hair follicles, and dead skin cells. They also help nourish the skin beneath your beard—just be sure to look for one that’s non-comedogenic to avoid pimples and breakouts, and apply it as the last step of your routine to ensure you’re sealing in all the good stuff. We compiled ten of the very best on the market, from options for coarse beards to beard oils that help stimulate growth and everything in between.

The Best Beard Oil Money Can Buy