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I Found the Skincare Routine for Guys Who Hate Skincare Routines

I want clean skin and I don't want to think about skincare—is that so much to ask?

We’re told one should never assume for the very obvious and cliché reasons, but I’m going to go out on a limb here—for most men, skincare is a pain in the ass. Surely that’s not controversial? 

A company called Asystem aims to make it less so. As the name implies, the premise behind its many products—or “systems“—is simplification and routine-building. Put another way, they make tedious stuff less tedious. Its men’s skincare system exemplifies this. I tested it for a month to see if it’s worth the money. 

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What Is Asystem Men’s Performance Skincare?

At face value, it’s a three-pack of skincare products that, together, work to keep your face clear of breakouts and your skin looking brighter and healthier. There’s a daily cleanser, a daily moisturizer, and a cream applied before bed at night. As always, the ingredient and supplement list is lengthy and, to be honest, mostly unintelligible to all but the biggest of skincare nerds—think antioxidants called PhytoCellTec nunatak,  an algae extract dubbed TEGO Stemlastin, as well as parts of a rare Himalayan flower than apparently survived the last ice age. Its value lies in whether it works or not, and whether you keep up with the routine in the first place. 

Asystem Skincare Daily Defense Moisturizer in hand
You don't need a lot of the stuff inside the Asystem skincare kit, so the bottles are small. This also makes them air travel friendly.

What’s Good About Asystem Performance Skincare?

Simplifies skincare

As we’ve established, “doing” skincare is not something readily described as fun. And unlike brushing your teeth, which is effectively necessary for your health, a person could forgo skincare altogether. Combined, these dual factors create a significant mental block for most men, who are generally less predisposed to better personal hygiene than women (it sounds harsh, but you know it’s true).  

So what to do? How about making the “routine” as braindead as possible? 

There may be a lot going on under the hood of each of the products that come in Asystem’s Performance Skincare bundle, but, for your part, things are straightforward. You wash your face with the cleanser, you moisturize your face with the daily face lotion, and you protect your face at night with the evening rebuilding cream. You won’t be in the bathroom any more often than you would be if you weren’t using the system, and you cover most of your bases without having to think much. 

As someone who has never been able to stick to a skincare routine beyond washing my face in the shower, I found Asystem’s streamlined approach acceptable and easy to keep up with. Whether it’s dieting, going to the gym, or taking care of your skin, the best routine is the one you’ll stick to.  

Reduced frequency of breakouts

My skin leans on the oily side, so I’ve grown used to the occasional breakout well beyond the pimpled years of youth. Typically I’ll see some kind of zit or cluster of acne a few times a month these days, usually after hard workouts I don’t shower quickly enough after, or some other external factor. For the month I’ve used the Asystem collection, that frequency has dropped to, well, zero. I’ve not had more than a slight blemish on my face since the first couple of days of implementing it. Generally, my face is smoother, a little brighter, and retains a more even balance of moisture rather than beforehand. 

At the end of the day, this is only a month’s worth of data we’re talking about, but a month isn’t nothing. I’ll take fewer days looking like a man-child at almost any cost. 


A small plus for smaller packaging is the simple fact that I can take each bottle of my new skincare routine on the plane with me without having to dump it in the nearest trash bin at security. For someone who travels somewhat regularly and hates falling out of a routine because of it, this is a huge plus. Now if I could just bring my gym with me…

What’s Not Good About Asystem Performance Skincare?

One size doesn’t fit all

While the Asystem skincare package has worked well for my skin type, it may not work for yours. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says there are five skin types—oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive—and within those types there are surely sub-types and hybrids. 

My partner, for instance, has very sensitive skin. Any formula even slightly harsh on the skin will leave his face puffy, red, and damaged. The Asystem products consistently irritated his skin when using them, and stopped using them altogether after a week. Is this definitive proof that all sensitive skin types should avoid this products? That’s hard to say, but it is evidence that there isn’t a one size fits all skincare routine. 

If you’re looking for products or a routine specifically for you, consult your dermatologist for a guided and informed recommendation.  

The Bottom Line

Asystem’s Performance Skincare package is the real deal if you’re someone who just can’t be bothered to build your own skincare routine but still wants to keep yourself looking good. That said, it’s hard to know how your skin will react to it without doing a little research first; we recommend speaking to your dermatologist before investing in any pricey new skincare regimen.