A selection of clear whey protein drinks

Looking for a Lighter Protein Drink? Try the Best Clear Whey Protein Drinks

If thick protein shakes aren’t your vibe, consider these drinks a tastey alternative.

Look, we get it.  There are way too many protein, creatine, and glutamine mixes to keep up with. Yet, many people rave that these are must-have drinks for their pre-and post-workout routines.

One protein mix that’s received lots of praise is clear whey protein or isolate. But what is it?

In simple terms, clear whey is a protein with a lighter formula that may have more health benefits than regular whey protein.

If you’re not a protein fanatic, it can be quite intimidating to sort through all the clear whey protein powders and premade drinks on the market. Don’t stress—we’ve provided a list of the best clear whey protein drinks. 

If you’re looking to cut to the chase, we highly recommend Myoprotein Clear Whey Isolate.

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The Best Clear Whey Protein Drinks and Powders to Buy

What Is Clear Whey Protein?

“Clear whey is typically just hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that’s almost pure protein with little to no lactose, carbs, or fats,” said Rachel MacPherson, CSCS, CPT, an exercise nutritionist, and macros-based nutrition coach. This protein often has a fruity flavor, resembling your favorite juice or regular flavored water.  

What’s the Difference Between Clear Whey Protein and Regular Whey Protein?

The texture is the most notable difference between clear and regular whey protein. “Clear whey is finer, mixes more easily, and tastes like juice rather than milk or cream,” MacPherson said. “It can be combined with water and still taste great.” If you’re not a fan of the thick formula of regular whey, you may want to give clear whey protein a try.

Is Clear Whey Protein OK If You’re Lactose Intolerant? 

Let’s be clear (pun intended)—anyone who is lactose intolerant should be cautious with any type of whey protein. However, it does seem that clear whey may be safer for lactose-intolerant folks. 

“Someone who is lactose intolerant can take clear whey protein since the lactose content is minimal, but this will be [based on the] individual, and you should watch your body for signs of any reaction,” said MacPherson.