zojirushi rice maker with bowl of rice

Wanna Hit Your Macros? Jump on This Prime Day Deal ASAP

A rice maker is a life-changing purchase that is a hell of a lot cheaper today.

Fast Facts

In case you missed it (how could you, really?), Prime Day is upon us, and though there are better deals, this rice maker is the best if you’re trying to stick to a diet and make serious muscle gains.

It’s Prime Day (or is it Prime Days now?), which means everyone is buying air fryersInstant Pots, and Alexa voice assistants. I’m here to tell you to ignore those things (or at least deprioritize them) in favor of a countertop appliance more fitness-minded Americans should embrace: the rice maker. The best one for most folks, Zojirushi’s three-cup cooker, is a solid 30 percent off right now. Here’s what’s up. 

Why Get a Rice Cooker?

You may ask yourself this question, and while inquisitiveness is a healthy trait, the answer is quite obvious: rice—specifically brown rice—is a cornerstone of many gain-focused diets, and making rice on the stove is a pain. 

If you don’t think it’s a pain, it’s likely because you don’t know just how convenient a proper rice cooker is. Cooking rice over boiling water on a stove takes a lot of watching. Watching for a boil. Watching so it doesn’t boil too fast. Watching to make sure you don’t boil out the liquid and scorch the rice. On the flip side, cooking rice in a rice cooker involves scooping rice and water into the machine, tapping a few buttons, and going on with your life. 

The rice comes out fluffy and perfectly cooked every time, so you get to eat your classic chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli and have it be just a bit more enjoyable. And while you may think convenience isn’t worth $100-plus, when maintaining a consistent diet plan, every little edge you can give yourself counts. Each time you opt to stay in and eat your staple foods saves you from whatever cheat meal you might have indulged in.

Why Get the Zojirushi Rice Cooker?

Aside from the fact that it’s about $40 off thanks to Prime Day, it mostly comes down to the brand. Zojirushi is the rice cooker brand, for all intents and purposes. Its cookers are compact, fast, and long-lasting. 

It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to make the brown rice from start to finish (about half that for the less nutritious white rice), so it’s not lightning quick, but it does give you time to pull the rest of your meal together, or even have it ready when you get home from the gym. 

There are also presets for cooking other nutritious foods like steel-cut oatmeal, which is another plus. 

The Bottom Line

Sure, there might be more attractive Prime Day deals, but Zojirushi’s rice maker is the best if you’re trying to stick to a diet aimed at making serious muscle gains.