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10 Adjustable Kettlebells That Bring the Gym to You

If they aren’t already, kettlebells should be high on your home gym’s must-have list. They allow for a more functional top-handle grip than dumbbells, meaning they do a better job simulating how we’d move weight in our everyday life. The grip also allows for a larger variety of cardio and strength movements (think squat clean and jacks and figure eights) so you truly get the most bang for your buck.

However, one size (or in this case, weight) doesn’t fit all. Based on what muscles you’re targeting and what movement you’re performing, the appropriate weight could change drastically. That’s where adjustable kettlebells come in.

Adjustable kettlebells are an excellent way to add power, strength, and cardio movements into your fitness routine. But picking the right option depends on a variety of factors: cost, desired weight range, and importance of certain features such as competition grips or added technology. Browse ten of our favorites below.

The Best Adjustable Kettlebells

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