It’s Official: Peloton’s Rower Is On Its Way.

The popular bike company is moving into the rowing space.
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Interactive fitness titan Peloton is set to add another piece of high-end equipment to their stacked line-up; a smart rower. Made famous by their bikes before entering the treadmill space, Peloton is seizing an opportunity to jump on the growing popularity of indoor rowing workouts.

During Peloton’s 2022 Homecoming event, the sleek new rower was put to the test by Peloton instructor Adrian Williams. The company’s Instagram teaser didn’t mention details like the release date or price. In fact it shows very little of the actual rower itself.

From the video, the rower appears to have a similar minimalist aesthetic to the company’s Bike and Tread (their treadmill). Think a very modern design with a sharp look. As typical of Peloton’s other products, Rower appears to have a large screen that allows for easy viewing and an interactive and personal experience.

The Homecoming release also noted some awesome new plans to roll out including their “Invite Friends” and “Just Work Out” features. “Invite Friends” will allow you to schedule workouts with friends and link directly to your equipment so you can work out in sync and have friendly support. The “Just Work Out” feature will allow you to track all non-Peloton workouts on the app so they can count towards various streaks and other challenges, further upgrading what you can do via the Peloton app.

It appears that Peloton is taking over the interactive industry piece by piece. Their selection of bikes kicked off a massive movement and adding treadmills to the list only continued to launch Peloton ahead of the competition. This new rower is one more step towards Peloton’s dominance in the interactive fitness space.

We will eagerly await the release of this new Peloton rower and keep you up to date as soon as this product launches. But if you’re in the market for a rower now and don’t want to wait, there are plenty of top-notch products to choose from.

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