Finally: We Have a Release Date for the Peloton Rower

Just a couple more months to go.

After months of waiting, Peloton’s new smart rower has arrived–almost.

The interactive fitness titan teased the release of Peloton Row in a since removed Instagram post back in May. In their 2022 Homecoming press release, Peloton announced they would be, “bringing its best-in-class fitness experience to the world of rowing.”

And if you’re hoping for one under your Christmas tree, you might be in luck. The Peloton Row is available for pre-order, and will hit homes in early December.

Priced at $3,195, along with a $44 per month Peloton All-Access Membership, Peloton Row ain’t cheap. But if it follows in the footsteps of Peloton’s Bike and Tread, Row will find its way into homes everywhere regardless of price.

Now that we actually see what this rower looks like, here’s what you need to know.

Peloton Row Design

Similar to its other products, Peloton went all in on the modern design of this rower. A thin 8-foot by 2-foot footprint and a folding arm work well for compact vertical storage even with a 23.8 inch screen. A comfortable ergonomic seat and electronic flywheel are smooth, but quiet for a silent row experience–great for any room in the house.

The HD screen is the perfect size to show your stroke rate, pace, and distance. It also swivels so you can keep your Peloton routine going on the mat. One stand-out feature is the Form Assist to make improvements during your workout. Sensors detect your position and make real-time recommendations on how to fix your technique.

How to Pre-Order Peloton Row

If you’re in the market for a new rower, you can pre-order Peloton Row now. At $3,195, it’s a more premium rower, at least compared to its competitor Hydrow (about $700 less at $2,495). If you’re loyal to the Peloton brand, or have waited long enough to buy one, Peloton Row is sure to perform. We’ll just have to wait until December to actually find out.

Until then, there are plenty of top-notch rowers to choose from if you’re looking right now.

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