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How Sam Parr Handles Panic Attacks—Plus 4 Interesting Health Insights

Hear how the entrepreneur approaches his physical and mental health.

He’s Nailed Down Nutrition

One step was hiring a nutrition coach through the company My Body Tutor, which keeps you accountable for your daily nutrition while providing tools to improve.

With mindful eating practice, Parr put less focus on sugar and learned to prioritize when to enjoy a sweet treat. But learning about macronutrients, especially protein, was key.

“I try my hardest to eat between 150 and 200 grams of protein a day and I track it all in [the] MyFitnessPal [app],” Parr said.

A typical meal looks like 0.8 pounds of pork with spinach and two pieces of bread, but his favorite thing to eat is “one pound of chicken and one pound of cauliflower.” And if he’s feeling dessert, he’ll eat “lots and lots of fruit,” instead of processed foods,” Parr said.

He Lifts Heavy

“Heavy weightlifting changed the game for me,” Parr said, in particular squats.

“Having a coach and working on squatting, that changes my whole body,” he said. “I only do one rep max maybe once a year, but training as if I’m trying to increase my one rep max, that has been quite game changing.”

Strength training not only improves your body composition, but also builds stronger bones, maintains joint flexibility, and improves balance.

He Loves a Good Ice Bath

Parr is a fan of morning ice baths and typically plunges in 45 to 50 degree Fahrenheit water. “I do it for 10 minutes, three days a week,” almost always at 7:30 or 8 a.m., he said.

He typically doesn’t ice bath on the days he works out, but will sometimes plunge in the morning using The Cold Plunge and work out in the afternoon.

Don’t be surprised to see Parr in the tub with a cup of decaf coffee. “I’ll just sit there for 10 minutes and it’s magical,” Parr said. “It’s addicting.”

Why’s he do it? It wakes him up, improves his mood, and gets him “pumped.”

He’s Tried Semaglutide

Parr says he’s been testing with semaglutide. Originally used to treat type 2 diabetes, research shows semaglutide is effective at increasing weight loss in adults with overweight or obesity (3).

Through testing for around eight to 10 weeks, Parr found it completely erased all desire for sugar.

He describes the effects of semaglutide as someone who can eat one cookie and feel satisfied. “I know what enough feels like,” he said.

One commenter even chimed in the chat saying he’d been using semaglutide for over a year and that it was “amazing.”

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