Jason Noto TRT Before and After

Two Years Into TRT I’m Down 25 Pounds and Feel 10 Years Younger

I’m easily lifting more weight and have loads of energy.

In my mid-30s I traveled a lot for my job as an executive at a biotech company. I was always tired post-trip, but still found energy to play with my two young children when I got home

But once I turned 38, I was hit with extreme fatigue. Instead of it taking one good night’s sleep for me to bounce back post-trip, it was now taking a few days.

Over the next five years, I grew more and more exhausted. I would start my day with two to three cups of coffee and a fourth in the afternoon. Once the caffeine wore off, the crash hit me like an avalanche.

I was a regular at the gym in my 20’s and early 30’s, but given my low energy levels in my late 30’s and early 40’s, I was only getting there once a week. My bench press suffered, dropping from 250 for an easy 10-rep set, down to 175 for a few reps.

I’d always eaten clean, even while traveling, choosing to eat lean meats, fruits, and veggies, over sugary foods and carbs. But as my energy sank, I found it hard to resist pasta (my Achilles’ heel) and other high-carb foods. I’d often overindulge and eat more than one serving at a time

As a result, my weight crept up—from 200 pounds in my late thirties to 230 by age 43.

Between constant exhaustion, work stress, and caring for my children, every day felt like pushing a boulder uphill.


I Couldn’t Hide From Myself

One night in the Fall of 2020, I was slouched on the couch with my wife and kids watching TV. The overall exhaustion of the day caught up with me and I struggled to get off the couch and get my kids into bed.

Shortly after they went to sleep, I was scrolling on Facebook and saw an ad for Hone. It checked off every symptom I felt, including low energy and weight gain. After doing additional research on low T, I was convinced this was likely my problem.

I ordered an at-home assessment, sent it to Hone, and my levels came back at 180 ng/dL. It was a relief to know I had a solution and my doctor immediately started me on TRT.

Checking your T levels is easy with Hone’s at-home assessment. You can knock it out before your AM coffee. 

If you have low T, our physicians can help you find your “after.”

My Mindset Changed

It only took two months for my energy levels to come back. I also noticed physical changes like less belly fat, more muscle tone, and abs—which I hadn’t seen since my 20’s. I was more alert, engaged, and was consistently in a fantastic mood.

I started going to the gym at least four days a week. I could power through longer full-body workouts with increasing weight. My bench press shot back up to 250 and I’m able to power through additional cardio with relative ease.

I kept high-protein sources like chicken and salmon in my diet with lots of leafy greens. My focus was on eating less carbs and I made sure to cut out those large pasta dishes—and second helpings—and the weight fell off me very quickly.

Two years into TRT and I feel like I’m 30 again. I lost 25 pounds and now weigh 205 and my workouts are easier and more efficient than ever before. I feel stronger than I have in over a decade and I’m happy with my physical appearance and increased mental acuity.

My sleep has also improved drastically. Before TRT, I got about 5 hours of rough sleep per night, according to my sleep app ShutEye. Now I sleep a deep 7 hours and wake up feeling refreshed.

Now when I get home from any business trip, I have the energy to play with my kids, spend time with my wife, and take care of myself.