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The Best Protein Gummies You Can Buy

If protein powder isn't your thing, these gummies should be on your radar.

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Protein is one of the many nutrients we need to function every day. While you can get a good dose of protein from a healthy, balanced diet, you may need a bit more if you have certain medical conditions or are trying to meet your fitness goals. However, not everyone is too fond of protein shakes. You may want to consider protein gummies if you’re one of those people. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Hone Health is a team of health-obsessed journalists, editors, fitness junkies, medical reviewers, and product testers. Before exploring the world of protein gummies, we dug into the research to ensure we give you evidence-based information on protein supplementation. The companies were selected based on protein per serving, fair pricing, good taste, and customer reviews.

Protein Gummies vs. Powder


Typically, protein powders come with a measuring scoop that holds about 29 grams of powder. However, even with a scooper, you can under- or over-supplement yourself. Protein gummies avoid that issue, as you’ll know exactly how much you need without guessing.

That said, don’t expect protein gummies to bring as much protein per serving as their powdery forebears. Even the protein gummies with the highest protein figures only deliver about 13g per serving, which is a little more than half the standard 20g protein per serving found in powders.


Unless you’re using pre-made protein shakes, there are a few steps to making one. You have to mix the powder with water in a blender and then do the manual work by shaking the ingredients together. This might not be an issue for most people, but protein gummies are the better choice if you want to skip those steps. You can simply pop a few gummies and continue with your day. 


The thick consistency and chalky aftertaste often discourage people from trying protein powders. If you’re looking for a better-tasting protein supplement that goes down much smoother, gummies can definitely deliver.

Do Protein Gummies Work? 

There’s no research that indicates protein gummies are less effective than other protein supplements. Whether taking protein supplements for fitness- or health-related reasons, we believe you’ll get the same benefits by taking gummies.

The Best Protein Gummies You Can Buy