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The Best Healthy Snacks at Costco, According to Nutrition Experts

Jerky, guacamole, hummus, protein bars, and more.

Hypothetically, we snack to fill in the gaps between meals and ensure we don’t overindulge. But we all know that’s ridiculous. We snack because we’re bored. We snack because we’re hungry, but not that hungry. We snack because we don’t know what to do with our hands. We snack because, well, we feel like it. For Costco shoppers, this is where things get dangerous; the aisles of a Costco grocery warehouse are stuffed to the brim with snacks—many not healthy with even the most generous definition of the word. To remedy this, we spoke to nearly a dozen experts—dietician nutritionists, personal trainers, nutrition scientists, and more—and asked them a simple question: what are the best healthy snacks at Costco? Here’s what they had to say. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Hone Health is a team of health-obsessed journalists, editors, fitness junkies, medical reviewers, and product testers. We spoke to dietician nutritionists, personal trainers, nutrition scientists, and sports scientists to come up with this list of healthy snacks at Costco—nearly a dozen experts in total. Every snack included comes as a direct recommendation from one of these experts, as well as a justification for the pick. 

The Healthiest Snacks at Costco

Editor’s note: not all products listed are available at every Costco (nor through Costco’s website) due to different stocking practices in different parts of the U.S.