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Late Night Munchies? Stock Your Kitchen With These 16 Healthy Snacks

Prep for nighttime cravings with this list of good-for-you nosh.

There are plenty of late-night snacks that will satiate, but not all are created equal. Before you go running to the pantry and scarfing down the first thing you can find, hear us out. If not chosen properly, your innocent late-night snack could send you into an insomnia spiral. Even worse? Some “healthy” snacks are laden with hidden sugars and oils that’ll wreak havoc on your digestive system.

But you don’t have to go to bed hungry. We did the legwork and sourced the best late-night snacks backed by science, with some even going so far as to help you fall—and stay—asleep. These late-night snacks are all nutrient-dense with clean labels free of added sugars, preservatives, fillers, gums, stabilizers, and colors.

The Best Late-Night Snacks for the Sweet Tooth

Best Late-Night Snacks for Savory, Crunchy Cravings

Best Filling Late-Night Snacks

Best Low-Fat Late-Night Snacks

Best High-Fat Late-Night Snacks

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