A selection of healthy of snacks from Walmart

25 Healthy Snacks at Walmart That Won’t Break the Bank

Get in loser, we’re going shopping at Walmart.

We love shopping at Whole Foods for a healthy moment. Our wallet? Not so much. While Whole Foods prices have gotten worlds better with the addition of the company’s more budget-conscious Whole Foods 365 line, let’s be honest, they got nothin’ on Walmart.

When it comes to in-person shopping, Walmart is the king of value for the money, including healthy snacks. The snack selection varies drastically by location—if you live close to a Walmart Supercenter consider yourself one of the chosen ones (downtown Los Angeles could never). The good news: Walmart offers basically their entire line up of healthy options on their website. And with a free Walmart+ 30-day trial you can get free same-day delivery on orders over $35. You’re welcome.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best healthy snacks at Walmart to add to your cart ASAP.

What’s a Healthy Snack?

It depends. For starters, a healthy snack should meet your individual diet goals, and avoid any intolerances. Here are a few things to upgrade your snack game, regardless of what diet you subscribe to.

Look for protein, fat, and fiber

Carb-heavy snacks—like candy bars and chips—might taste good, but they’ll send your blood glucose through the roof. Blood glucose variability (high highs and low lows) can predispose you to diabetes (1).

If you’re in the mood for a carb-dense snack, aim for a balance of macronutrients to reduce the blood glucose spike. For example, pair granola with yogurt and fruit, and top crackers with cheese and turkey. One review found that pairing carbs with protein, fat, and/or fiber can better regulate blood glucose spikes (2).

Limit added sugar

Sugar stokes inflammation, which is linked to everything from erectile dysfunction to heart disease (3). Added sugar is a major contributor to obesity (4). High sugar intake has been linked to anxiety and depression (5). Plus, excessive amounts of sugar can increase cellular aging, making you age faster (6).

The American Heart Association recommends men consume no more than 38 grams of sugar per day (7). You’ll have to weigh your overall sugar intake throughout the day to know exactly how much sugar is too much sugar at snack time. Assuming you’ll get it from a few different sources between meals, snacks, and dessert (not to mention, sugary drinks like soda) throughout the day, the less sugary a snack, the better.

Limit additives

Not all packaged snacks are the devil, but they tend to contain more added ingredients to extend their shelf life than, say, an apple. The worst part is it’s not always clear whether a packaged snack is healthy or not. An example we see often: the marketing of a product makes it sound healthy, the macros look solid (i.e. plenty of protein, low carb, and zero grams of sugar), but the ingredients list is a mile long. Ruh-roh.

Take for example, the Quest bar. At 18 to 20 grams of protein, and only one gram of sugar, they sound almost too good to be true. Key word: almost. Check the ingredients list and you’ll find artificial sweeteners, gums, and preservatives galore. When in doubt, shop the outer rim of the grocery store. The less ingredients, and the more recognizable the better.

Best Healthy Snacks at Walmart

The Walmart gods have granted us with no shortage of healthy snack options. Here’s the healthiest snacks you’ll find stocked on their shelves.

Healthy Walmart Chips and Crackers

If you’re looking for a crunchy, salty snack, crackers and chips always scratch the itch. However, most tend to be packed with junk. These satisfying crackers and chips, on the other hand, feature squeaky clean ingredients. Pair them with extra protein or fat, like cheese, guacamole, or hummus to balance out the macros, increase satiety, and reduce the blood glucose spike.

Healthy Walmart Crunchy Snacks

When you want something crunchy, but a little more substantial than a cracker, these crunchy snacks are made from whole foods, like nuts, edamame, and cheese so you don’t have to worry about added ingredients. Plus, they pack more protein, vitamins, and minerals than your average cracker ever could.

Healthy Walmart High-Protein Snacks

From the frozen aisles to the snack shelves, Walmart is peppered with high-protein snack options. Here are our favorite fresh, frozen, and portable protein snacks that deliver on protein without going out of control on calories and additives.

Healthy Walmart Protein Bars

Protein bars are perhaps the easiest way to get a balance of nutrients on the run. Next time you need something to grab-and-go throw one of these healthy protein bars in your bag.

Healthy Walmart Sweet Snacks

These sweet snacks will satisfy your sweet tooth with healthier ingredients, and less sugar than any vending machine candy bar.