Sebastian Stan

Want Sebastian Stan’s Superhero Physique? Here’s His Exact Workout Program.

How the star got shredded for his role as the “Winter Soldier”.

When it comes to Avenger superheroes with enviable muscle and covetous workout regiments, the “Winter Soldier” Sebastian Stan has it covered. Where some celebrities offer up one-off transformations, Stan has over a decade of consistent training under his belt. From Avengers: Infinity War (2011) to his most recent hit The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021), the 39-year-old star has put in serious work in the gym.

Who’s responsible for his ever-sculpted six-pack, and the bulging biceps that outgrew Bucky’s infamous metal sleeve? None other than celebrity trainer Don Saladino, who has helped actors like Ryans Reynolds and Hugh Jackman get swole for superhero roles.

Saladino recently posted a short video clip on Instagram, touting Sebastian Stan’s Solider Program 2.0, a program that will help you work out exactly like Bucky Barnes. Here’s what you can expect.

The Workout Program

The Soldier 2.0 is an extended program of the training Saladino used to turn Stan into the Winter Swoldier. The nine-week program is not for the faint of heart—you train five days per week, with workouts ranging from 45 to 60 minutes each.

The program builds what Saladino calls a “performance physique.” The moves shred body fat, build lean muscle, and generate athleticism while building mobility and flexibility—everything Stan needed to pull off Bucky Barnes’ infamous alien fight scenes.

Each week is broken into focused sessions:

  • Day One: Chest & Biceps
  • Day Two: Back & Abs
  • Day Three: Shoulders & Triceps
  • Day Four: Legs
  • Day Five: Superhero Day

Sebastian Stan Workouts

If the workouts are anything like what we’ve seen from Saladino before, you can expect a combination of strength training, and explosive plyometrics.

Repping out compound moves like overhead press, deadlift, squats, and chest press are on the menu. As for the weight, expect heavy. Earlier this year, Saladino shared a short clip of Stan repping his way through a heavy dumbbell bench workout.

For Stan’s cardio, Saladino told Esquire, “We need him fast and explosive so his cardio usually turns into more fast and explosive work like sled work or motor-less treadmill sprint work,” he says, “I like to refer to it as ‘muscle-building cardio’, where we’re feeding that fast-twitch muscle.”

With a combo like this, you’ll fast be on your way to the superhero physique you’ve always wanted.