Pedro Pascal stands in front of Starbucks

Pedro Pascal’s Insane Coffee Order Could Have This Impact on Your T

Could I get six extra shots of espresso in my espresso, please?

Celebrities are just like regular guys. They hit the gym, indulge in cheat days, and, if they’re like The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal, they need coffee to start their day. 

Pascal’s go-to Starbucks order—a venti iced quad Starbucks drink with six shots of espresso and extra ice—is going viral for the insane amount of caffeine in one cup. (Around 380 mg, which is just shy of the FDA’s 400 mg maximum daily intake recommendation.)

But while Today Show hosts gagged after trying Pascal’s no-frills Starbucks order, we couldn’t help but notice that it has something in common with the fungus that zombifies humans on The Last of Us: Like cordyceps, Pascal’s turbocharged bev might boost testosterone and athletic performance.

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Caffeine May Boost Testosterone

Although too much caffeine can lead to inflammation that can lower T levels, the right dose can boost testosterone. One study in the journal Nutrition found that men who drank  caffeinated beverages had  higher testosterone levels (1). 

Caffeine may boost your T by inhibiting aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen (1). (Want more foods that boost testosterone? We’ve got 13 right here).

Caffeine’s T boosting effects work best when paired with resistance exercises like deadlifts and squats, according to one study (2).

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