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The 11 Best Weighted Vests to Level Up Your Workout

What’s with weighted vests, and should you use one?

Getting into a training rut is, simply put, the worst. When gym progress starts to wane, it can feel overwhelming to think about the extra time and energy it may take to overhaul a training program. That’s where a weighted vest can pick up the slack. Adding one of these weighted toppers to your normal workout routine can add a challenging new dynamic to bodyweight, cardio, and traditional strength training routines that can help unlock new fitness goals. And, another perk, it takes up limited space, making it a great piece of equipment to supplement a home gym.

The Benefits of Weighted Vests

Adding a weighted vest can have benefits beyond making workouts harder. Research shows that a weighted vest can preserve and improve bone density during the aging process (1). However, neck or back problems can be made worse with the addition of weighted vests, and adding too much weight too quickly can potentially cause new health problems. The best thing to do is consult with a doctor first about whether or not it’s safe for you to use a weighted vest, and from there, decide how much weight is most appropriate for your body.

Next up: figuring out which weighted vest is right for you. There are plenty of options out there, depending on your budget, style, and fit preference, and what exercises you want to use it for. We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorites to help you decide which weighted vest will help you achieve your specific fitness goals.

The 11 Best Weighted Vests

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