Smart toilet with green background

The Best Smart Toilets You Can Buy for an Ascended Bathroom Experience

Empty wallet. Clean butt. Can't lose.

There was a time when uttering the words smart home conjured images of a hapless single dad and his family being held hostage by a sentient home in the suburbs (or something like that). Instead, we have smart toilets with heated seats, built-in bidets, auto-flush, self-cleaning systems, and more. Close enough? 

Here’s everything you should know about smart toilets before considering one, including: what they can do, how much they cost, what installation is like, and more.

Smart Toilet 101

How much does a smart toilet cost? 

Smart toilets range from about $1,000 up to well over $10,000 depending on brand, materials, size, and features. If you’re looking for a happy medium price—where you get the most features without spending away your savings, but you also avoid buying something you’ll regret—you’ll be in the $2,500 to $3,500 range. You’ll find the most options in this range. 

How much does it cost to install a smart toilet? 

It’s difficult to estimate how much a smart toilet installation will cost. The price can vary rather dramatically based on the model you choose, your home, the need for specialized plumbing, and so on. Generally, mark a couple thousand dollars for installation, at least, with larger projects edging over $5,000. 

What does a smart toilet do?

There are four core features a smart toilet worth its salt will have:

  • Self-cleaning – Most smart toilets will come with the tools and know-how to take “clean the toilet” off your list of chores. This is a huge boost to restroom hygiene. 
  • Heated seat – fairly self-explanatory; comfortable in the colder months or the wee hours of the morning. 
  • No-touch flush – Touchless toilets have become common in public spaces for a reason—they’re significantly more sanitary than their handle-flush elders. 
  • Built-in bidet – Americans are finally coming around to bidets, which have been popular in other parts of the world for ages. To put it bluntly, toilet paper doesn’t do a great job of cleaning your ass. Bidets do.

The Best Smart Toilets on the Market