The Rock posing for photos

The Rock's 8 Most Insane Cheat Day Meals

If you feel guilty about gluttony this Thanksgiving, The Rock's cheat days will give you something to be grateful for.

If there’s anything Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson loves almost as much as getting jacked thighs at the gym, it’s cheat days in front of the TV afterward. Just this past week, the actor and former pro wrestler boasted on Instagram about his epic Sunday cheat meal, featuring a dozen eggs with feta, English muffins with butter, and four pieces of cornbread, all slathered in honey from a bear-shaped bottle.  

Research shows that the Rock’s instincts are pretty solid. People who schedule more regimented cheat days, the way the “Ballers” star regularly posts about on his Instagram, were found to have more success in their longer-term dieting goals.

So instead of feeling guilty for occasionally going overboard during the holiday season, do what The Rock would do, and don’t cheat yourself—treat yourself. If you’re lacking in binge inspiration, here is what The Rock is cooking for cheat day. 

Eggs, bacon, biscuits, and tequila

Earlier this month, The Rock caught what he described as a case of the late-night “f– its.” So the only thing that could cure him was more eggs, homemade biscuits, coconut banana pancakes, and some of the crispiest bacon you’ve ever seen. And of course, he washed this down with some Teremana tequila, to remind you that it is breakfast for dinner. 

French Toast with “Sweet A–” Cream Cheese

Like many of us, The Rock appears to go through food phases, and most recently Johnson has been on a big breakfast kick over the past year. Back in March, he posted about his delectable cinnamon-toast-crunch-crusted French toast, covered in sweet cream cheese and topped off with just the right amount of maple syrup. It looks like he got the memo on the most important cheat meal of the day. 

Sushi with Homemade Cookies

Not to be outdone by breakfast, The Rock has also gone through his fair share of sushi benders on cheat days. For instance, he rode the “sushi train express” on a cheat day back in January with a quick detour to chocolate chip peanut butter cookie town. And of course, there is more tequila and Sunday night football in the background. All aboard, indeed.  

“Big A–” Sandwich and Sushi

There is no denying that Johnson loves sushi, but sometimes even a giant plate of raw fish isn’t enough to fill him up. On a classic cheat day from back in 2018, The Rock solved that relatable problem with a “big a– toasted turkey, smoked ham and cheese sammich” handmade by himself, so you know it had to be huge. 

Burger, Fries, Cheesecake, French Toast

Some cheat days are crazier than others, and a meal The Rock had on February 24, 2020 was absolutely insane.  For starters, there was the juicy burger, fries, and tequila. But that was really just a warmup for brioche French toast covered in peanut butter and syrup. And no, that wasn’t his dessert. He topped off this cheat day with half of a cheesecake because a full cheesecake would’ve been excessive. 

Pizza Party

One of the most normal cheat days The Rock has ever had is one most of us have had as well: the one where you eat pizza in bed. While Johnson opted for cheese and Hawaiian pizza, don’t let the simplicity fool you. He admits to having the pizza place use two different doughs for the same pie. But it’s OK to be a double-dough diva on a cheat day. 

Carb City 

When you hit the gym the way that The Rock does, one serving of carbs isn’t enough. And sometimes you need a big bowl of pasta bolognese and two big bagels with butter to maintain the energy you require to get through the day. Or maybe you just really wanted two bagels with your pasta. In the end, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re not eating like this all the time. All is fair in love and cheat days.