Advisory Board & Medical Review Team

Medical content published on The Edge is reviewed for accuracy by a member of our Medical Review Team or Advisory Board. These professionals are physicians and subject matter experts who have extensive knowledge in their field. They ensure that studies and research referenced in the content have been accurately interpreted, and that content reflects the latest in evidence-based research and health information.

In addition to reviewing content, Advisory Board members  meet with editors throughout the year to bring critical perspectives thanks to their expertise in clinical practice and research.

Preventative Health
Oncology and Hematology
Functional Medicine
Healthcare Technology
Preventative Medicine
Mental Health, Addiction
Digital Healthcare
Neurophysiology, Human Performance
Nutrition, Fitness
Musculoskeletal Medicine, Medical Weight Loss
Nutritional Immunology
Functional Medicine
Integrative Medicine
Family Medicine
Sports Medicine
Internal Medicine
Nutrition, Weight Management
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Obesity Physician